The Skippin’ jig or whats commonly referred to as the arky jig is THE PERFECT JIG style to start out with due to how versatile the jig is with going through different scenarios and doing it well. For establishing a pattern and covering water, this jig would be my first choice. Once you have figured out a pattern, that is where other jig head styles come into play that work better with the different type of situations; rock, grass, wood, etc.

Skippin’/Arky Jigs

The Skippin’ Jig will always have a broad/flat bottom which is perfect for skipping way back up under laydowns and docks where those bass like to hang out to get away from the heat of the sun. Bass also use these areas as ambush points as well. We pair these jigs with a heavy hook and a medium stiffness weedguard to help drive the hook into that fish’s mouth and winch them out of cover without that hook bending out. Perfectly paired with a craw or grub, the Skippin’ Jig from Fireball Outdoor Products is sure to help you boat flip your next limit!

Swim Jigs

The swim jig is one of the most popular bass fishing baits on the planet due to the simplicity behind its ability to catch fish. Fishing a swim jig through the water column is straightforward and simple: fish it just like you would a spinnerbait or other baitfish mimicking lure varying the retrieve through the water just like an erratic moving shad or other baitfish to elicit a reaction strike. A swim jig will come through or over grass and other vegetation easily and be versatile on varying conditions that you may find on your specific body of water. The head of this style jig comes through grass and weeds better than any other style head.

Football Head Jigs

Football jig heads are the runner up in popularity for bass jigs. The shape of the jig head will kick up more sediment in the water and give a better wobbling side to side action compared to a traditional swim jig that we offer. The position of the hook eye on these jigs maximize trailer action and have a better balance for a bottom contact presentation than other heads. Anglers fishing our football heads have found these really shine fishing rocky or uneven bottoms. These heads do tend to grab grass and weeds more than a streamlined head.

Frenzy Jig ( Bladed Jig or “Chatterbait” style)

Our Frenzy Jig is a variant of our swim jig with a blade attached to the front. The Frenzy Jig cuts through grass and other vegetation just like a hot knife through butter! A bladed jig produces a natural hunting action, which gives the bait an erratic swimming action to trigger the bass into a feeding core response. The Frenzy jig is a key bait in the spring and fall with retrieving the bait through brush/grass or dirty water clarity level. The blade on the bait hits the nose or top of the bait creating a clicking noise and essentially turns the Frenzy jig into a dinner bell!

Finesse Jig

The Finesse Jig is without a doubt one of our favorite jigs to fish on either clear water or heavy pressured fisheries. These little jigs pack a huge punch because they feature a small lighter wire hook and a trimmed forward facing skirt portion that aides in creating a non-threatening approach even for skittish fish. One of the best times to fish a finesse style jig is during the winter months when the water temps drop below 55*, when the water clarity is several feet or you are on a pressured body of water. The finesse jig would be the first style of jig we would use when a cold front had moved through and the following day gives calm water/bluebird skies. Pairing this jig with the right plastic trailer has the potential to quickly fill a limit!