Bait Color Selection Guide: Does It Really Matter...

As an angler, we are faced with many decisions to make BOTH on and off the water. We often find ourselves intimidated by the plethora of bait colors and sizes currently available at Any Tackle Supplier USA, whether it be your local sporting goods store or an online only store. Sometimes, we as anglers often have the same bait in 10 or 15 different colors. Does having umpteen different colors in your tackle box really matter, the long and short of it is yes and no. This statement might seem contradictory for a custom bass fishing tackle company, but the truth be told is that each body of water is different from the next. Each body of water you fish may or may not have the same forage. Each body of water you fish may or may not have the same water clarity or algea bloom.

Many different things play in to the factors of bait style, weight and color selection. Those different things that I have come to find out over the years are something that I have found through countless days of trial and error.

Some things to consider when picking out a Fireball Outdoor Products bait are as follows:

- Specific lake forage

- Forage size

- Water conditions

- Moon phase

-Time of year

Water absorbs or blocks the transmission of light both HORIZONTALLY and VERTICALLY which means that the baits color will essentially disappear as sunlight travels through the water column. With that being said, colors in the Red spectrum will disappear first

We are always here to help with any color suggestions you may need, please feel free to use the contact us button, or reach out via our social media accounts