The BALL HEAD jig(as pictured on this product page) is Designed to be a multi-use jig, you can flip n pitch it, you can swim it and you can beat it on the bottom.

Made with:

54-64 strands of skirting material depending on pattern

Medium stiffness weedguard to give the perfect deflection from the different types of cover

Mustad Ultra Point Jig Hook

Copper Wire tied skirt to virtually eliminate skirt slippage like the competition that uses rubber bands that break down over time

Premium, DURABLE powder paint that can withstand anything you throw it at because it is oven cured to increase hardness and durability giving you a long lasting product

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  • Ball Head Weedless Jigs ( Sizes 1/2 oz, 9/16 oz & 5/8 oz) - Panfish Patterns
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