Spinnerbaits- 1/2 OZ- Misc Patterns Pg 3
Spinnerbaits- 1/2 OZ- Misc Patterns Pg 3

Spinnerbaits- 1/2 OZ- Misc Patterns Pg 3

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Are you a weekend warrior, seeking to make the most out of your precious fishing time? Or perhaps you're a tournament angler, with the pressure of high-stakes competitions and thousands of dollars on the line? No matter which category you fall into, we have the solution you've been searching for: our meticulously crafted spinnerbaits, designed to cater to both the passionate angler and the seasoned tournament pro.

We've carefully designed these beauties around a .040 high-grade super stainless camo wire, expertly selected to create the ultimate fishing experience. This wire acts as a conductor, seamlessly transmitting the perfect amount of flash and vibration to entice those elusive, aggressive fish.

The closed end loops guarantee that your blades stay locked on, providing an irresistible presentation that triggers that all-important reaction bite.

But here's where our spinnerbaits truly shine. We understand that different fishing conditions call for different strategies, which is why we offer a diverse range of color variations. Whether you're fishing in clear waters on a sunny day, or exploring murky depths during overcast conditions, we have a spinnerbait tailored specifically to cater to your needs. Our extensive palette of vibrant colors ensures that you can select the perfect hue to match the prevailing conditions, making you a true master of adaptation.

We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring that each spinnerbait is meticulously crafted to deliver results. From the premium blades that effortlessly cut through the water, to the meticulously designed body that mimics natural prey, every component is optimized for one thing: delivering the ultimate fishing experience, tailored to your specific fishing conditions.

Components used:

Worth Swivels

Premium Silicone Material

Worth or Premium Blades

Mustad 5/0 hooks


Blade Selections are as follows:

#1 Size 4.5 Gold Willow Main Blade, Mini Silver Colorado Secondary

#2 Size 4.5 Gold Willow Main Blade, 3.5 Gold Willow Secondary

#3 Size 4.5 Silver Willow Main Blade, 3.5 Gold Willow Secondary

#4 Size 4 Silver Willow Main Blade, 3.5 Silver Willow Secondary

#5 Size 5 Silver Colorado Main Blade, Mini Silver Colorado Secondary 

#6 Size 5 Gold Colorado Main Blade, Mini Silver Colorado Secondary 

#7 Size 5 Single Deep Cup Colorado 

#8 Size 4.5 Chartreuse Willow Main Blade, 3.5 Chartreuse Willow Secondary